A simple python Youtube video downloader GUI

A simple python Youtube video downloader GUI

Last week I was learning a bit of python and I stumbled on this video: Build A Modern Python GUI Project | Step by Step Tutorial, which it was really nice and concise, so I decided to take what was there already and improve it a bit on things that I thought would be nice to have, nothing crazy complex just few adjustments.

New features

  • Added title, author and length of the video
  • Show download speed in MB/sec
  • Disabled download button while downloading
  • Clear up the input text as soon as we start downloading the video
  • Add a button to open the download directory. Default download directory: "C:/Users/Username/Downloads/youtbe-downloader"
  • Delete all downloaded videos that are older than 24 hours the next time you open the application (if 24 hours have passed)
  • Add custom icon
  • Cleanup text alignment
  • Create standalone executable with pyinstaller

Github repo here: Youtube Downloader
Standalone executable: Youtube Downloader (zip file)

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