About pf/code

About pf/code

Welcome to pf/code, the blog where I share my passion for front-end development, DevOps, and all things coding. My name is Paniconi Fabio, and I am thrilled to have you here.

With over 10 years of experience as a front-end developer, I have honed my skills in various technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, and Svelte. Throughout my journey, I have had the opportunity to work on exciting projects, collaborating with diverse teams to create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces.

In addition to my front-end expertise, I have also delved into the realm of DevOps for the past two years. During this time, I have specialized in automation using PowerShell and Python. Working extensively with Jenkins, I have gained valuable experience in setting up Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines that ensure efficient and reliable software releases. Furthermore, I have embraced the power of automated testing, utilizing tools like Cypress to ensure the highest quality standards for the applications I work on.

Through this blog, I aim to share insights, tutorials, and tips encompassing both front-end development and DevOps. I believe in empowering developers and enthusiasts by providing valuable content that fosters growth and strengthens their skills.

Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps in the coding world or an experienced professional seeking inspiration, pf/code has something for everyone.

Stay tuned for regular updates, tutorials, and engaging discussions. Let's learn, create, and inspire together!

Feel free to reach out, connect with me on social media, and share your thoughts and ideas. I am excited to connect and engage with fellow developers like you.

Happy coding!