Send automated emails with AWS SES and .NET Mail with Powershell

Send automated emails with AWS SES and .NET Mail with Powershell
ASW SES Email sent to my own inbox
ASW SES Email sent to my own inbox

I have seen plenty of blog posts explaining how to do this with C# but none using Powershell.

There isn't a big difference to be honest, but it's a small nice script to send automated emails if you are a system administrator.

Of course, this could be improved but I just wanted to show the basic functionality.


The config.json will just hold all the configuration needed to send the email.

        "server": "smtp_server_here",
        "port": 587,
        "user": "user_here",
        "password": "password_here"
        "ses": "config_set_here"
        "from": "",
        "to": "[email protected],[email protected]",
        "subject": "Amazon SES test (SMTP interface accessed using Powershell)",
        "body": "<h1>Amazon SES Test</h1> <p>This email was sent through the <a href=''>Amazon SES</a> SMTP interface using the .NET System.Net.Mail library.</p>",
        "isHtml": true,
        "attachments": [
                "path": "test.txt",
                "mimeType": "plain/text"
                "path": "test.pdf",
                "mimeType": "application/pdf"



Setup the email object we want to send.

  • Email from
  • Email to
  • Email Subject
  • Email body
  • Email attachment/s

Also you can specify other things such as:

  • If you want the email to contains plain text or HTML
  • Sending Email headers
$config = Get-Content -Path "$PSScriptRoot\config.json" | ConvertFrom-Json

# Set up the mail message

$email = New-Object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

Write-Host "`nServer: $($config.smtp.server)" -ForegroundColor Magenta

$email.Headers.Add("X-SES-CONFIGURATION-SET", $

Write-Host("`nEmail from: " + $ -ForegroundColor Magenta

$email.From = $

$to = @($",").trim()

Write-Host("`nEmail to: " + $ -ForegroundColor Magenta

foreach ($addr in $to)

$email.Subject = $

Write-Host("`nSubject: " + $ -ForegroundColor Magenta

$email.IsBodyHtml = $

$email.Body =  $

foreach ($attachment in $ {

    Write-Host "`nAttachment:" $attachment.path -ForegroundColor Magenta

    $attachment = New-Object System.Net.Mail.Attachment("$PSScriptRoot\$($attachment.path)", $attachment.mimeType)




We can finally send our email using send.ps1.

We import the other ps1 scripts, then create the .Net Mail object and send the email.

. (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'mail.ps1')

$config = Get-Content -Path "$PSScriptRoot\config.json" | ConvertFrom-Json

$smtpClient = New-Object System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient($config.smtp.server , $config.smtp.port)

$smtpClient.EnableSsl = $true

$smtpClient.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential($config.smtp.user , $config.smtp.password)

try {

    Write-Host("`nAttempting to send email...") -ForegroundColor Yellow


    Write-Host("`nEmail sent!`n") -ForegroundColor Green

catch {

    Write-Host("`nThe email was not sent.")

    Write-Host("`nError sending email: $_")


Sending the email

Open Powershell CLI, them make sure you are in the root folder of your project

Server: your.smtp.server

Email from:

Email to: [email protected],[email protected]

Subject: Amazon SES test (SMTP interface accessed using Powershell)

Attachment: test.txt

Attachment: test.pdf

Attempting to send email...

Email sent!



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